About us

Today when we talk about good customer services, we sadly tend to accept a mediocre level of service as being the norm in all aspects of our lives, whether it's a car services, eating out or dealing with suppliers! When was the last time you were so impressed with the service you got that you showed your appreciation? We have become accustomed to accepting mediocre services almost to the point of appreciating it!

Maybe we’re a little old school but we believe when customers receive excellent service they become advocates of our business and through their advocacy, more sales are generated via work of mouth. We will always seek to be proactive, committed and invest in ways to meet or surpass your expectations.

Although a young business, The YPS staff have considerable experience of the publishing industry, its demands, expectations and pressures. Our core team is well known within the industry so you have comfort in the knowledge that you are placing work with a trusted partner.

Big or small, we treat our clients with the same respect and priority. Your work will never be impacted on by another client as we work in self contained teams. The same team thats manages the pilot will also manage all your projects. Therefore you know the quality you see in the pilot stage is a true reflection of the quality you will get in a “business as usual” mode.

The owners of YPS were determined operate independently. We don't carry the expectations of shareholders or investors. This allows us to be aggressive in our pricing model whilst being able to attract strong and experience staff.

  • We are debt free
  • We have no investor demanding high ROI
  • The three owners have same vision
  • We are not a “life style” business
  • YPS has a long term strategy for growth

The YPS management team consist of;

Nigel Wyman brings to the business more than 30 years of operations, technology and business development experience across global markets. His career began in publishing which has given him a strong understanding of the strategies and markets publishers operate in. Nigel has managed major client accounts across the STM and Education Markets. He has a strong background in developing workflows to match the clients requirements, including XML, HTML and client specific platforms.

Kailash Sharma: With over 20 years of experience in the education market, Kailash’s career has covered all aspects of production and client communications. Starting with ICC, a US prepress company and then working with many of the larger prepress companies in India he has successfully helped to grow business revenues. Over the years, Kailash has developed a strong and extensive network of resources covering a range of skills and expertise. Kailash’s rich network has helped YPS to source the necessary skills and experience to surpass our clients requirements.

Kundan Pathak brings over 15 years of experience to the business. Kundan is a hard core, “hands on” production focused person. He has in-depth knowledge of LaTeX and Indesign. He has the ability to interpret the clients requirements in a way that the technical team can understand to create robust templates and workflows, based on automation and consistency of formatting. As with Kailash, Kundan has excellent working knowledge of various publishing platforms such as HABITAT, DORIS and Documentum.